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Getting your school ready for Spring

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You can bring the outside in, with our Eco-Classrooms and their Bi-Folding doors or you can have fun outside with our wide range of Play Equipment.




Eco Classrooms

We believe that our Eco Classrooms play a vital role in helping schools cater for large numbers of children, especially with school intakes are on the rise. Using our Eco Classrooms within your school can facilitate productive and enjoyable leaning in a modern and safe environment, instead of the overcrowded and confined space of your existing school building, especially with it being Spring and the months are starting to get hotter!

As all our Eco Classrooms are bespoke, the external and internal layouts can be designed to suit each school’s unique perspective.

Eco-Classroom, Spring, TImber, Bi-folding doors

Solar panels can be fitted to the roof capable of producing some energy for heating systems, whilst also providing the benefit of cutting fuel bills, and in some cases actually generating income through Government Feed-in Tariff schemes, great for the spring and sunny months!

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Rain-water harvesting systems can also be added to collect natural rainwater in specialised water butt tanks, which can then be used for secondary water use, such as for watering plants - great for April showers in Spring.

Double glazed secure doors and windows can be installed within powder coated aluminium frames that are virtually maintenance free, providing high performance in all weathers, able to withstand the mixed weather conditions faced throughout Spring.

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Play Equipment

Make the most of the sunny (and rainy) months ahead for your pupils in Spring, with our outdoor play equipment, to let them burn all their energy outside so they’re calm and ready to learn upon their return!

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We believe in inclusive play, which is why we offer a wide range of play apparatus suitable, adaptable and accessible for children of all abilities. We create our products on the philosophy that play brings a bounty of benefits to children's development, from encouraging sharing, social interaction and teamwork, to making physical and outdoor activity fun and appealing.

Let the children cool down on a sunny Spring day with our Sand and Water apparatus. Under the cover of the reliable Apex Roof, the Sand Pit can be used all year round offering robust protection from both the sun and rain.

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Use our Picnic Tables and Benches to let pupils have their snack or lunch outside on a clear afternoon in Spring! Playtime doesn't just have to consist of pure play. Children often enjoy a relaxing space to sit and chat with friends, think and unwind at school in-between lessons.

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Our Timber Planters are great to encourage pupils to take pride in their playgrounds, letting them get involved in the growth of plants and understanding what it takes for vegetables and flowers to thrive – great for when the sun is shining in Spring and Summer! They get to learn more about vegetables and plants, subsequently increasing children's chances of eating healthier and embracing a nutritious diet. Our Playground Planters within play areas encourage children to take more notice of the vegetation and develop an interest in growth and sustainability, whilst gardening is a fun way to interact with them and promote outdoor physical activity in the fresh air and sunshine, ensuring they get enough vitamin D.

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And for when the Spring showers undoubtedly arrive, we have a range of Playground Shelters and Sail Shades to keep children dry from the rain. Mostly constructed from commercial grade knitted shade cloths, with up to 95% UV block, our Sail Shades are built to stand up to the toughest of conditions. They provide robust protection from the sun throughout Spring and Summer and from the heavy downpours during the Winter months and Spring showers.

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If your school is looking for fun this Spring, why not get intouch to find out more about our Eco-Classrooms and Play Equipment!

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