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Outdoor Playground Equipment

Bridge Timber Play have an extensive range of contemporary and traditional outdoor play equipment for schools and similar organisations, built to your bespoke specifications. Our wide range of fun, creative and highly educational outdoor play equipment will inspire and encourage adventurous minds, so whatever the ethos of your school, we have the school playground equipment, outdoor classroom or climbing frame that your young people will get a lot out of and benefit extensively from.

Children’s play equipment isn’t just about crafting something that is brightly coloured and safe that effectively entertains them for the duration of their play. Quality outdoor playground equipment prioritises fun as well as the physical and mental development of small children and young people; ensuring that these attributes are considered in every design.

Outdoor play equipment for schools should vary, just like our broad range. When children are faced with a variety of school playground equipment they are more likely to engage and participate in the play as there is something to cater for everyone's tastes and preferences!

Benefits of School Playground Equipment 

School outdoor play equipment is, just like play, sometimes an undervalued element of the primary school experience, with its importance often being underestimated. School playground equipment play can bring a bounty of benefits that can enrich the development of young people. These benefits include, but aren't limited to, harnessing and encouraging skills and traits such as sharing, social skills, teamwork, decision making and problem solving, whilst giving young minds a welcomed break from the classroom setting. Outdoor play can increase levels of natural vitamin D, fresh air and physical activity to keep children fit and healthy, all the while creatively nurturing imagination and innocent ideas. 

Click on any of the links below to see the vast range of high quality school outdoor play equipment products on offer from Eco Modular Classrooms and Timber Play Boats to Playground Musical Instruments and Timber Planters.